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When investing in real estate, you may determine the condition of each home that you select, examine the market values of houses that are in a specific area, create a list that describes renovations, analyze the condition of a house’s roof and evaluate well-known attractions that are situated near the home. Once you choose the services that our business offers, we can find condominiums that may become much more valuable, evaluate residences that could house numerous tenants and create extensive designs for contractors.

Determining the Rent

If an investor is searching for condominiums that will generate consistent revenue, our experts will estimate the average rent in a specific area and study charts that indicate the demand for real estate throughout the region. By inspecting detailed graphs, we may also predict the future rent in each city, and after examining numerous costs, our company might determine the yearly revenue that each house could offer.

Reselling a House

Before you purchase a home, our specialists can examine the amount of bedrooms that the building contains, the overall size of the residence, the structure’s design, the number of vehicles that the garage may accommodate and the condition of the roof. We will also analyze the electrical system, the home’s plumbing, the styles of the lights and the rooms that are situated in a house’s basement. When you are considering a residence, we will provide guided tours of the home, and our experts might offer a schedule that describes open houses and other helpful events.

Once you have selected a home, we may create a list of renovations that will substantially augment the future value of the residence, and we can calculate the costs of the renovations, describe styles that might attract a large number of buyers, plan renovations that will improve the kitchen and examine modifications that could modernize the dining room. An investor may also add a deck, an indoor pool, a sizable entertainment room or an outdoor fountain. Numerous reports have indicated that each additional feature can increase a home’s value by more than 10 percent.

Choosing a House or a Vacant Lot

When an investor is searching for a home that can provide revenue, our specialists could evaluate nearby destinations that might significantly increase the house’s value and the overall demand in the area. Many buyers search for homes that are close to extensive beaches, parks that residents frequently visit, shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, sizable lakes and museums. Furthermore, a nearby highway can substantially augment the market value of a new home.

Examining the Values of Houses

In order to determine the future worth of a residence, we regularly examine charts that specify the historical values of houses in numerous regions. Our experts may study reports that indicate the number of homes that are currently available, the amount of buyers who recently purchased real estate and the number of individuals who commonly travel to the region.

Creating a Design for a New House

If you are preparing to build a custom home, our specialists may provide a design that will modernize the house, evaluate historical styles, develop an open design that many buyers prefer and maximize the sizes of numerous rooms. By modifying the design, we can also increase the heights of multiple ceilings, create corridors that will be situated between numerous rooms, add stylish staircases that could notably augment a house’s value and choose a roof with a design that matches the building’s style.

Constructing a Home

Once investors have chosen designs, our business regularly evaluates the materials that the contractors will require, analyzes the duration of each project, recommends trusted contractors and lists obstacles that an investor may encounter. Our company is also able to determine the total cost of the project, and the experts may predict the future value of the house. Furthermore, the real estate agents might create a list of amenities that could substantially increase the home’s worth.

Learning Additional Information

Our business specializes in real estate investing, and our company offers a detailed list of available houses, reviews that clients have provided and descriptions of services that we offer. If you would like to request a free consultation, you can contact us.

Investment Condos


  • Investment Condos break even with a 20% down payment;
  • Opportunity for cash flow and appreciation over time;
  • The Rental Market is a Seller’s Market Right Now;
  • Condos in prime locations generally appreciate more than the stock market.


  • Lots of Obligations due to the Residential Tenancies Act;
  • It takes a longer time to realize gains

Income Properties

Income properties have apartments, units or floors that are rented out.


  • It can help you afford the house of your dreams;
  • Houses appreciate faster than condos;


  • If living inside the property, you will have to cope with the tenant;
  • You are responsible for maintaining the property;

Flipping Properties

Flipping houses consists of buying a run down property and renovating it, then selling it for profit. This option is highly risky and highly profitable if successful.


  • A good flip in an in-demand neighbourhood, will yield a pretty profit
  • Successful flips can yield 100% more than Investment Condos.


  • Renovations always bring about surprises and delays
  • High Risk and High Stress

New and Pre Construction Properties

This options involves purchasing properties in the pre-construction phase and then later selling them for for a profit.


  • Good choice in units and location;


  • Relatively High risk due to market volatility;
  • Resale condos are currently cheaper, unless the area appreciates in value over time.
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These Statistics are provided by the Toronto Real Estate Board. These Statistics are current as of September 2018.

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