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Toronto Real Estate Selling Myths Busted

We pride ourselves in always being open and transparent with all of our clients. Here are some of the most asked questions, along with their answers. If you have a question that you do not see here, please do not hesitate to use the form below to ask us.

Am I required to use a REALTOR to sell my house?

You don’t have to hire a realtor to sell your home. A realtor however, will be able to help you get the most out of the current real estate market. Realtors also negotiate sales contracts ensuring the best terms and a smooth process.

How soon can I sell my house after I bought it?

You can sell your home whenever you want after buying it. You need to have lived in the home prior to selling it, otherwise you need to report the sale to the CRA.


How important is Marketing really? Isn’t MLS enough?

MLS will get you some attention, however marketing will help you reach more qualified buyers faster, helping you sell your home quicker at a better price.

When should I sell my house?

You can sell your house whenever you would like, however there has been a trend for February, March and September to yield the highest prices for property in Toronto, with December and January being the slowest. It’s best to discuss your selling options and timing with a real estate agent, who can help you come up with the best strategy.

Do open houses work?

Open houses still draw some attention if properly planned. While each open house may draw a few curious eyes from the neighborhood, we focus on primarily on potential buyers.

Do I need any special insurance while my house is for sale?

Open house insurance is not included in home-owner policies, and is usually included in the insurance policy of some brokerages. Our brokerage has an Open House and Showings policy included, which will shield you from any injuries that may occur on your property during your open house.

Should I be there when potential buyers are viewing my home?

In short, no. If the seller is in the next room during a showing, it creates an awkward atmosphere for the potential buyers. It also causes the showing to be rushed for no reason. We always recommend the seller is not home during a showing.

What goes in an agent’s commission?

Usually the commission will cover listing on MLS and some selling costs, with other costs, such as Staging and professional photography coming at an extra cost. Being full service real estate agents, our commission covers, the listing costs, marketing, staging, photography and other fees associated with the sale of a home.

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